Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Protesters block disposal site; garbage piles up in Thrissur

Staff Reporter
A pile of garbage lies uncleared on the Thrissur Railway station Road on Saturday.— Photo: K.C. Sowmish
A pile of garbage lies uncleared on the 

Thrissur Railway station Road on Saturday
Photo: K.C. Sowmish
The fire at the Lalur garbage dumping yard, which has been continuing for the sixth day on Saturday, has had a catastrophic effect on city life in Thrissur. Garbage disposal from the city was affected as residents of Lalur, the Thrissur Corporation's garbage disposal site, blocked vehicles transporting garbage to the dumping yard.The Lalur Malineekarana Virudha Samara Samithy said it would continue the agitation until the corporation guaranteed time-bound removal of garbage from the dumping yard.

Sanitation workers have not collected waste in the Corporation area for the past six days. Mounds of garbage piled up in every street corner have turned the city into a huge garbage dump leaving a stench. Stray dogs and cattle feasting on heaps of garbage is a common sight even in posh localities.
Scene at the Shakthan Thampuran market is worse. The corporation urged the city dwellers to co-operate with the civic body to handle the situation.
“People should try to treat the biodegradable wastes at their houses. The corporation will not be able to collect the household waste until the fire at the Lalur dumping yard is brought under control,” said C. S. Srinivasan, standing committee chairman of the Corporation.
Urge to shut the plant
Lalur residents asked the authorities to close down the Lalur treatment plant. They alleged that the corporation had certain hidden agenda in the issue and was not transparent in the entire process. They alleged that they had been denied all democratic rights for the last six decades. “All wells in the vicinity are highly contaminated. Most of the residents suffer from one disease or the other,” they said.
The Samara Samithy said the city corporation was trying to sabotage the Lalur Model Project for Solid Waste Management.
“On request of the City Corporation, the government removed the chief coordinator of the LAMPS. But no one had been appointed in the post so far,” it said.
The Samara Samithy is planning an indefinite fast in front of the City Corporation office from February 14 against the ineptitude of the civic body to find a lasting solution to the garbage problem.